Amended October 2020

Article 1: Purpose

Save Point is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit based out of Minnesota. It’s purpose is to raise charitable funds for various causes by hosting educational fundraising events in the video gaming industry, as well as to raise awareness of the positive impacts that video gaming may have. Save Point is dedicated to giving back to the community through various charitable events.

Article 2: Membership

Membership in Save Point is open to any individual who desires to support the organization and its purposes. Save Point does not discriminate on the basis of race, religion, sexual preference, age or gender; it conforms to the Minnesota Human Rights Act in all respects. There are two classes of individual membership, voting and voting and non voting members. No member of Save Point may be paid a salary or personally benefit in any way from Save Point activities.


Voting members may be sought to vote on certain business decisions such as charitable distributions, or staff positions in relation to events.

Eligible voters for elections must be 18 years of age or older and meet the requirements outlined in this section. Voting members must be present at the time of the vote. The annual meeting will take place within 60 (sixty) days after Save Points main charity event as decided by the board. This date will be posted on the website and emailed out to members with email on file by the Administrative Assistant as soon as decided with a minimum of one month notice.

Membership Dues

All members must pay a yearly $15 membership due to retain membership incentives and voting rights for Save Points publically created events. Any attendance fee for a Save Point event shall count towards the membership due. The membership due expires at the end of the fiscal year.


Members must have attended and signed into 60% of the meetings held by the Save Point board in order to qualify as a voting member. The meetings count from the previous fiscal year’s annual meeting. Planning meetings for Save Point events are counted towards the overall meeting attendance.

Meetings may be held in person or via conference call. Meetings may be recorded and stored for future reference.


Members must have volunteered for a Save Point event, have a combined total of 20 hours or more in the last fiscal year to be considered a voting member.


These requirements may not be waived by any member of the board.

Non Voting Members:

Non-voting members are members who are either under the age of eighteen or have not met the qualifications for voting membership. Non-voting members may not vote in elections. Non-voting members may still attend meetings and provide relevant input on the issues being discussed.

Article 3: Organization

A. Officers

At a minimum, Save Point shall have a President, Treasurer, and Administrative Assistant with a minimum of 5 voting officers. All officers are responsible for the operations of Save Point, and will be expected to represent Save Point as a professional and courteous organization, in and outside of their term. There is no limit to the amount of terms an officer may serve. Only these elected board members will be allowed to vote on issues regarding the direction and actions of Save Point. In addition, Officers are responsible for monitoring the performance of Save Point Coordinators and department heads, creating and appointing new Coordinators/Heads if necessary and removing Coordinators/Heads in cases of demonstrated failure to perform.

In the instance of a legally binding contract, the contract must be reviewed and receive a majority vote by the voting members of the board.

B. Officers at Large

In addition to all of the regular officer duties the Officers at Large are responsible for monitoring the performance of Save Point Board members, creating and appointing new officers if necessary and removing officers in cases of demonstrated failure to perform or conviction of a felony under state or federal law. The officers at Large shall consist of the President, Vice President, Treasurer, and Internal director.


The President or Chief Executive Officer shall be present at all business meetings of Save Point and is responsible for ensuring all work is accomplished in a timely and efficient manner. The President is co-signer on Save Point’s bank account, as well as any legally binding contracts. The president’s main duty is to focus on the growth of the organization.


The Treasurer or Chief Financial Officer is responsible for keeping all accounts of Save Point, collecting and disbursing money as required for the work of Save Point plus for various duties as the Board of Directors shall require. The Treasurer shall serve as interim President in the event that the President is unable to attend a meeting.

Internal Director (Non – Voting)

The internal directors will oversee day to day operations and ensure communication is standardized. The internal directors are non-voting board members and will work closely with the President and Treasurer to present ideas and planning to the board. This includes contract review and coordination, as well as department overviews during Save Point events. 

C. Other Positions

Administrative Assistant (Non-Voting)

The Administrative Assistant shall keep the minutes of all Board meetings and conduct all necessary correspondence (non-monetary). The Administrative Assistant shall be responsible for maintaining Save Point’s calendar and reminding members of the dates, times and places of meetings, plus such other duties as the Board of Directors shall require. The Administrative Assistant is a non-voting party of the Board, they may speak to any issue and offer any insight to the Board. (One-year term.)

Director of Charitable Services

The Director of Charitable Services is in charge of finding events/organizations that might benefit from our assistance. Runs/mans/staffs the charity auction tables for any events hosted by Save Point utilizing an auction. Ensures accurate records of charity auction items are filed with the Treasurer. (This means providing value, donated by, date received, both as received and has “won” in auction, once won the amount – paid or not paid, and contact information of winner.)*** As well as finding local events/organizations that might benefit from our assistance. (Three-year term.)

Director of Media Production

The Director of Media Production is in charge of maintaining active updates on all media outlets related to Save Point.  (Three-year term.).

Members at Large:

Members at Large will be the voting party of the people. The community and volunteering are a top priority. An understanding of our business, business model and the willingness to step up in areas as the Board should see fit as it pertains to our conventions or charitable events. (One-year term.

The Board of Directors will appoint Coordinators and Department Heads for all official Save Point events. The Coordinators and Department Heads will be responsible for presenting proposed budgets for the events in their charge. Coordinators and Department Heads who may sit on the board with a voting position must abstain from their proposed budget.

D. Removal or Replacement

a. Outline

Any person removed from a position will be ineligible to serve in any Officer/Coordinator/Department Head position of Save Point unless reinstated by a majority vote. Any one person convicted of a felony classified as a hate crime of violent crime under State or Federal laws shall be barred from serving as an Officer/Coordinator/Department Head unless reinstated by a majority vote.

b. Process

i. Coordinator

If the time arises for the removal of a Coordinator/Department Head all board members may vote. The Board may vote to remove a Coordinator/Department Head 

after a motion to do so at any meeting. A 60% or greater majority is required to remove a Coordinator/Department Head. An Officer at Large will step in to cover the Coordinator/Department Head’s duties until a new member is appointed.

ii. Officer

If the time arises for the removal of an officer, the Officers at Large may vote to remove an Officer after a motion to do so at any of the quarterly meetings. A unanimous decision must be made for the removal of an Officer. An Officer at Large will step in to cover the Officer’s duties until a new Officer is appointed.

iii. Discretionary Removal

Any board or staff member caught participating in illegal activity that can have a negative impact on the organization will be subject to consequences including being placed on a probationary status and up to being removed from their position

Article 4: Meetings

Save Point will host one meeting per quarter. It will be the Administrative Assistant’s duty to set the date/time/place of the meeting Save Point Calendar, at minimum, three weeks before the meeting date.

Each meeting will consist of budget overview, public discussion and partner updates, operational and strategic planning and contract overview.

The fourth quarter meeting will discuss the monetary budget for the next fiscal year as well as any bylaw amendments.

Article 5: Amendments to the bylaws

Bylaw amendments may be passed by a majority vote. Amendments will be voted at during the fourth quarter meeting.

Amendments may be introduced at any time, by any voting member.